Ensuring Enlargement with Physiologic Indicators

Negative PIs
 mean that you wear out and exhaust your body and its organs, and you need to decrease the load and exercises. You can experience:


  1. Pain;
  2. Decreased night and morning wood;
  3. Reduced hardness of erections;
  4. Numbness;
  5. Discoloration;
  6. Loss of size;


Positive PIs are excellent indicators meaning that you do well for your body and succeed in male enhancement. You can feel:


  1. Larger flaccid hang lasting all day;
  2. Increased night and morning wood;
  3. Increased hardness of erections;
  4. The growth of the standard size.


Neutral PIs are neither obviously positive nor negative. Neutral physiologic indicators can refer to positive or negative signs and can be defined as such only when clear positive or negative PIs begin to appear.   


  1. Temporary penis contraction after a PE workout;
  2. Redness spotting;
  3. Slight achiness in your penis;
  4. Increased size temporarily, a few minutes to a couple of hours;
  5. Edema of the penis skin.


But, the best and last indicator of the male enhancement efficiency is penis size gain or loss.


So, let’s consider these PIs in details, and take the scenario as below.


A PE beginner starts with a simple routine: 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes jelqing. The man sees that his penis becomes slightly larger, red and fuller for a few minutes, then the genital organ is a bit contracted, night and morning erections are increased. The results seem to be satisfactory as the growth in evening and morning wood means that neutral PIs can be interpreted as positive. So, it is a good signal for the enlarger to continue his male enhancement program not forgetting to measure the penis once every one to two weeks.


Two weeks have passed, the PIs are the same, and no results are apparent. It is necessary to increase the force and/or time as no negative PIs appear and the failure to enlarge the penis can be caused by undertraining. Probably, 10 minutes of jelqing will show better results if no negative PIs occur.

10 minutes of jelqing cause no negative PIs meaning no overtraining signs. If a guy measures his penis again in, let’s say, two weeks and fixes 1/4 inch growth, it can be deemed as positive PIs, and he should continue his program. When the penis stops growing, only then the guy can increase force and time.


Let’s Take a Different Scenario

John Q Dickpuller has read the latest technique of hanging a bowling ball off his dick and decides to give it a try. The first result was that his penis turtles up on him (Neutral PI), then morning and night Wood disappeared, and measuring his penis length in a week or so, he noticed a half inch loss. Size loss means the bottom line negative PI. So, overtraining is evident, and the turtling and night and morning erection loss is, in this context, negative PIs.


When overtraining has resulted in penis contraction, John decides to stop his program entirely and wait until his regular night and morning woods come back. In a week, the things get into usual order; John has recovered and is ready to continue his male enhancement.


This time, John decides to repeat the exercise with a tennis ball. The first thing he notices is 30 minutes slight contraction, then his night and morning wood become better and two weeks of training result in size increase. Now, it is evident that 30 minutes contraction was a positive PI.


Let’s Take More Complicated Scenario

Mr. B. Dog has noticed that if he whacks his penis with a hammer, it becomes purple and shrinks up for a week, and he loses his erections. Giving his penis the rest for four weeks, he finds his night and morning wood slowly comes back, and his friend is longer. After complete recovery, he measures his penis and SURPRISE! A half inch increase in length and an inch increase in girth. Taking into account final results, we can state that initial redness and contraction are positive physiologic indicators for Dog. He has just to remember about recovery time. Last positive PIs can be considered as recovery.


Last Scenario

Knucklehead decided to try pumping. It shows slow but steady gains: night and morning wood is excellent as never before; flaccid daytime hang is longer and fluffed out most of the day. Having previous experience, Mr. Knuckhead knows that a longer, fluffed soft is a positive PI, and he has defined a perfect pace, so decides to supercharge his pumping session by doing it while clamped. This technique appears to be wonderful resulting in never seen before the increase of Mr. Knuckhead’s penis with no lymphatic fluid during the penis enlargement.


Satisfied with high efficiency, Knucklehead does it for five sessions in one day. This night he feels no erection, no erection is in the morning. Also, the penis becomes shorter and contracted. It is time to measure it and the next week witnesses the loss of one half inch length.


So, despite massive penis size during the pumping, it appears to be negative PIs for Mr. Knuckhead and finally shows that it has damaged the penis.


It took a week for Mr. Knuckhead to recover, he waited until his night and morning erections come back, and flaccid hang returns to normal (positive PIs). Then he restarted his male enhancement program but with 5-10 minutes of clamped pumping. Before adding any force and/or time, he kept his eye on physiologic indicators and tried to fit with them for his body to feel comfortable and healthy.


Now you see that your body and penis, in particular, reacts to the force and exercises you use. When you learn to understand your positive and negative PIs and define neutral PIs, you will be able to control the procedure of male enhancement, gain effective results and prevent any harm and injury that can be caused to your penis.

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