How to Enlarge Your Penis (Based on My Own Experience)

I will give a short review of the methods and products I have tried to make my penis longer and stronger:


1. Product: Vacuum Penis Pump

Vacuum Penis Pump


Method: Penis pump


Ease of Use: Mid


Results Achieved: effective for a period; resulting in 1-inch increase 1 in 1 month; temporary result.


Penis Pumps available in the market: Electric Penis Pump, Handgrip Penis Pump, Squeeze Ball.


2. Product: ProExtender



Method: Penis Extender


Product: ProExtender


Ease of Use: Mid


Results Achieved: 1-inch increase in 1 month; temporary result.


Penis Extender Device available in the market: MaxTender, Vimax Extender, ProExtender, Euro exterder, X4Labs Extender, Size Genetics, Fast Size.


3. Product: Enlargement Patch

Enlargement Patch


Method: Penis Patch


Ease of Use: Easy


Results Achieved: No significant result after three months of use.


Penis Extender Device is available on the market: Maxiderm Penis Patch, Vimax Patch, Virility Patch Rx, Pro Enhance Patch, Enlargement Patch, Virility EX patch, Optipatch.


4. Product: Penis Massage

Penis Massage


Method: Traditional penis massage by expert


Ease of Use: Easy


Results Achieved: 1-inch increase in 3 months; slow result; costly method.


5. Product: Vimax Pills

Vimax Pills


Method: Penis pills


Ease of Use: Easy


Results Achieved: Still in progress, too early to conclude. Six weeks of use has resulted in significant improvement of the girth and eight weeks of use has resulted in 1-inch increase in the length. I will provide the results achieved after three months and six months of use for you to make the conclusions. Keep in touch.


Penis Pills are available on the market: VigRX Pills, Pro Solution Pills, Virility EX Pills, Male Extra, Natural Gain Penis Pill, SizePro Penis Pill, Maxiderm, ProEnhance, Extenze, Vimax.

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