Jelqing Methods 2017: Dry and Uncircumcised

Dry Jelqing Method

Dry jelqing does not require any lubricants and two hands. You use one hand and the skin covering the shaft to allow movement of the grip. Though this method requires extreme care as it is harder on the axis of the penis, a lot of men state that it has a better result deep inside the penis. You do not terminate your grip but slightly releases the skin of the penis when moving downward. Use a held kegel when moving the grip upward, it will help the level of engorgement high. The beginners must be careful mastering the method.


Jelqing the entire shaft depends on whether a man is circumcised or not. If circumcised, jelqing the shaft is made in two strokes. A tight circumcision cut makes this variation hard to use as the skin has to stretch ahead of shaft growth. If uncircumcised, you can start jelqing the entire shaft stroking with the foreskin fully retracted. This variation can cause some foreskin swelling so that it can be replaced by lubed jelqing.


Dry jelqing can be used when wet jelqing (with lubricants) does not make you feel good.


Uncircumcised Jelqing Method

Though the foreskin can be ignored and allowed to collect over the glans, it is deemed to be an extra complication. Uncircumcised jelqing 2017 can cause the fluid buildup in the foreskin, and skin stretch near the base of the penis, potentially causing a turkey neck effect. You can feel minor pain and notice swelling that will subside after a while.


The best way out is to retract the foreskin at the start of every stroke, but you will need some time to master it. There two ways to achieve it. You may fully release the hand at the glans before applying a new grip at the base of the penis, or, as an alternative, release the first hand allowing the skin to retract under the grip.


Remember to apply a new grip slightly up the shaft, no matter what way you have chosen.  

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