Penis Enlargement – How Not to Damage Your Penis




Penis Fracture

It is true that a lot of men desire to increase their penis and use all possible ways to reach the size they wish to have forgotten that it can result in penis fracture. A penis fracture can be caused as a male genital organ is stretched and extended in ways it isn’t designed to be pulled tearing the membrane known as the tunica albuginea, filling the penis with blood and resulting in bruising and swelling.


Penis Narrowing

Penis Narrowing


Penis narrowing can be another side effect of the enlargement with penis vacuum pumps and hang weights significantly damage the male organ. The device will work as it is promised stretching the penis and – at the same time – narrowing it. Remember that length does not mean power and strength, girth also plays quite an important role.





Phimosis is a condition in males where the foreskin cannot be fully retracted over the glans penis and usually occurs in adult man. Phimosis can be corrected by the penis extenders, which the market offers, widening its foreskin and liquidating the phimosis completely.


Penis Curve

Penis curve means a bend in the penis that usually happens during an erection. Many men are born with a certain degree of the curvature of the penis, but it can be caused by any traumas or injuries, ill-fitting boxers, briefs, and pants, sleeping on the stomach and certain diseases, as well as using faulty penis stretcher products.


Peyronie’s Disease


The last but not the least is Peyronie’s disease which is a connective tissue disorder involving the growth of fibrous plaques in the soft tissue of the penis. If Peyronie’s condition happens, the erection will result in more blood in the shaft of the penis that is normal. Medicine defines some causes of the illness affecting the size and shape of an erect penis.


Enlarging the penis is a normal desire and aim for a man but remember that any penile weights, pumps and other poor exercises for penis enlargement can result in any condition described above. We recommend you to use perfect and tested penis extenders, such as traction-based ones like PeniMaster. By using the penis extender correctly, you will increase its length and improve its girth, achieve stronger erection eliminating erectile dysfunction.


No one wants to have a narrow or fractured penis. Therefore, be very scrupulous in your choice of the penis enlargement device and buy a right one. 

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