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Surgical penis enlargement 

Surgical enlargement is always being improved, but it still leaves much to be desired. It means the increase in penis size and girth by surgery mainly including cutting the ligaments to expose more shaft or improving the circumference of the penis with fat injections or human-made tissue. The cutting of ligaments usually requires that any hanging device or extender is used a post-surgery period. Otherwise, no result can be achieved. The injection of fat has some long-term issues (reabsorption one). However, there are some examples that a phallus becomes shorter after this technique.


In this article, we would like to highlight the results and efficiency of natural penis enlargement, and positive or negative surgical technique reviews written by men who have undergone surgery can be found on the forums.


Scientific Proofs for Natural Penis Enlargement

Scientific 2017 studies on products and techniques provide us with a kind of guarantee that a product or method we want to use is efficient, safe and stable as the relevant authorities have recognized it as fit. So, it is worth waiting for tests and researchers to be made. However, there are a lot of examples, including Thalidomide, Cox Inhibitors, Asbestos, and Sudan 1 reminding us that even scientific studies and tests cannot ensure 100% efficiency and safety.


In the modern world, we can receive an enormous number of different information, but we don’t know what truth is. So, it is up to us to decide whether we rely on the trusted sources or try to find any data by ourselves. The first thing we have to find to trust the information is individual scientific proof.

But the matter is that you can’t find independent scientific proof for Natural Penis Enlargement, and scammers often try to falsify data and make it riveting.   


The only research we can consider as the closest to proper testing is a research made by Dr. Brian Richards. In 1975, Dr. Richards tested the Chartham Method, penis enlargement pump which consisted of muscle exercises, warm wraps, and vacuum pumping. The vendors of the Chartham Method were sued for “obtaining money or property through the mails using false representations” by USPS. They lost the case.



The trial lasted approximately three months. 64 randomly selected patients of Dr. Richards participated in the trial, 32 of them as a control group. The research was based on using the Chartham Method and measuring the penis on a weekly basis. The results showed that two men of 32 involved dropped out, 2 gained no effects and 28 experienced increases in penis length between 0.94” and 1.4” inches and increases in penis girth between 0.55” and 1.2”. The success rate reached 87.5%.

Dr. Richards himself was not sure of the permanence of the results achieved. But if you compare this small experiment to the research required for medicines passed by the FDA, you will find out that these results are at best worthy of further study.


Proofs for Penis Enlargement Efficiency

We have some good news and proofs for you and would be very glad to share them with you. Many thousands of members are signed up to the forum of the site. Men from all over the world, men of different professions and statuses tried penis enlargement and succeeding in it, posted their reviews 3, and 5, and ten years ago to share their happiness. Even medical people reached their aims and posted about their gains.


The only thing the forum lacks is that there is no success rate calculator as people who join it would like to know the results. It is possible to calculate only the number of the posters though it can’t be automatically defined whether they have succeeded or failed. At least one person reported that he tried to increase his penis size for two years gaining no effect, and then he started to use another method and increased his penis by an inch. Some men report that they have gained no results at all, but harmed their phallus or given up. But in most cases, it is impossible to verify whether these posts are true or not.


Are the results and effects gained permanent or temporary? A few people who tried penis enlargement had reported that they achieved good results but lost all the increased proportion when they stopped. Others have failed little or nothing and can enjoy their sizes. Some experience lowered erection levels over time. Perhaps, the permanent or temporary results depend on methods employed.


In some ways, penis enlargement is similar to herbal remedies as it is quite difficult to find any high-quality information on the Internet. Usually, men desire to gain easy and fast results ignoring the proven and tested methods. And the desire to achieve more rapid results with less effort is easy to understand as any man is encouraged to become a superman.


There is a fair amount of experimentation filtering through the forum for years and, if it appears to be useful, it can result in Penis Enlargement Cream or The Penis Enlargement Manual.


The beginning penis enlarger must remember that this procedure can harm or damage his body. So, you have to be careful and not to fall into trap chasing the perfect results and believing everything that is called safe and harmless. Men think that penis enlargement brings reward forgetting about its risks, and you must gain the highest award undermining all the risks. Typical methods techniques result in no or minor injuries while the major injuries are caused by the methods which the majority of men deem as dangerous.


You can find more information on Injury and Treatments forum.


Skeptic about Penis Enlargement?

Are you a skeptic about penis enlargement? Are you sure? Let’s see if you can find any pluses of the procedure.


Look through the site and forums, read the advertisements and any posts that offer you the penis enlargement products, get acquainted with the posters and find out everything you are interested in. You will find here different interesting people, members titled as ‘Commercial Member’ (discover what it means in FAQ section), and spammers who believe they can succeed with it.


Are you still a skeptic about penis enlargement? Then take your skepticism to any other Penis Enlargement site you visit.


Pros of Penis Enlargement Site

By signing up here, you can access the exercise videos and extra forums. But if you want to stay as a guest user reading some additional information, or don’t want to show your email address, available resources will be a good help for you.


The forum can provide you with the information about any methods and techniques. Some posters spend hours discussing the prices for PE devices, some commenting their latest purchases and talking about their pros and cons, some reporting on their results.


You have to filter all the information received and understand that the price for PE devices is not an essential criterion as the most expensive tools, or techniques can appear to be ineffective. 


You can easily find any device on Tom Hubbard’s site or elsewhere in the forum. 

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