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Marabou Limited has developed pro enhance patch as a transdermal system that ensures many of the ingredients common in potent male enhancement formulas.






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Ginseng prevents aging, restores and improves wellbeing. It boosts energy levels, helps with fatigue, improves cognitive function.
Saw Palmetto is used for the treatment of bladder, urethra or prostate disorders. It also helps to get rid of impotence and prostate cancer.
Gotu Kola increases energy levels, eliminates fatigue, slows aging, enhances the immune system, has a positive impact on male potency.
He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) has anti-aging, tonic, and antioxidant, properties. It is beneficial for sexual health. It increases sperm count in men.
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ProEnhance System


You will be 100% satisfied with this patch and find it user-friendly, fitting snugly, almost invisible and consistent in dosage. Forget about any 3 hours, or 6 hour, or 12-hour pill schedules and remember of no side effects and positive consumer reviews. The manufacturer states that six months of continuous use will show the best results.


Our Experience with the ProEnhance System

After one month testing of the ProEnhance System (as we received only one month supply), I felt a sudden increase in sexual arousal and stamina, and – what made my day – I had no side effects that usually were caused by various pills I had tried before. The ProEnhance System helped me prolong my sexual intercourse.


I cannot deny more positive effects from using Vigrx Plus, but they are pills you have to pop every 6 hours, 12 hours or so. And ProEnhance is a patch you have to stick once and enjoy up to 72 hours. Yes, you do enjoy it as, in addition to its positive results, the patch does not cause any skin irritation, and it does not come off during working out, showering of anywhere else. No side effects from the ProEnhance System!


ProEnhance Arguments


ProEnhance Arguments


There is much to be said in favor of this product, but we have to keep in mind the arguments against it like any other health product because different people can experience different effects. So, I want to have my say and describe my results from using the ProEnhance System.




  1. Quick effect – within a day or so;
  2. No local reaction: no skin irritation, swelling or rash;
  3. Better stamina and endurance;
  4. Better erection quality and size;
  5. Snug fit – as it looks like a band-aid only you know what it is;
  6. Very positive consumer reviews;
  7. Doctor approved;
  8. 6 Month Guarantee.




  1. Less efficient than our top 3 choices;
  2. Skin irritation to be caused to some patients;
  3. Quality ingredients in lack.


Ingredients in ProEnhance


Ingredients in ProEnhance


The ProEnhance patches include several well-known aphrodisiacs that various nations have used for hundreds of years to improve their sexual life. The ingredients are:


  1. Asian Ginseng (5 mg) that usually helps enhance sexual libido and performance, and treat a lot of various ailments;
  2. Damiana Root Extract (aka. Turnera Diffusa) (3 mg) that have participated in clinical studies on rats proving to stimulate both male and female sexual activity; it is used in male enhancement formulas;
  3. Fo-Ti (3 mg);
  4. Gotu Kola (3 mg);
  5. Saw Palmetto Berry (2 mg) that is common in many prostate supplements, i.g. Prostate forte and helps improve reproductive function and fight tumor activity;
  6. Menthol (1 mg).


Doctor Reviews of The ProEnhance System

The product and its effects have been reviewed by several notable physicians and homeopathic doctors. You have an opportunity of reading their reviews and making sure the positive results of the ProEnhance Patch.


Dr. Michael Carter, a doctor of clinical psychology and leading proponent of alternative medicine for sexual health, has expressed his opinion:



"Psychological, sexual research consistently demonstrates that sexual desire and sexual satisfaction are very dependant on the way you view yourself psychologically. Your self-confidence plays a huge part of a healthy psychological perception of yourself. I fully recommend the ProEnhance system for all natural enhancement."


Board certified practicing clinician Dr. Alex Vasquez has said this:


Dr. Alex Vasquez


"When I came across ProEnhance I was impressed. ProEnhance offers a great alternative to delivering a precise formulation of all natural herbs for proven libido enhancing qualities, all via a transdermal patch system. Prescription medications are reserved for men with more advanced erectile dysfunction, that is the true advantage of using Pro Enhance. There is no waiting for a prescription to kick in, thanks to the powerful transdermal delivery system of pro enhance, men can count on being ready in the moment. I recommend Pro Enhance; it is a great alternative to prescription medications and pills."


How Much Does it Cost?

As it has been said before, it takes six months for the ProEnhance patch to show its best results. So, for you to feel as fresh as paint, we recommend that you get a six months package costing about $250 and having some bonuses:


  1. 6 boxes of the ProEnhance patch;
  2. Free box of Volume Pills;
  3. Free box of ProSolution Pills;
  4. Erection system membership;
  5. Free members area access;
  6. Free shipping.


ProEnhance 180 Day Guarantee

We have to mention that the company provides six months guarantee for the patch to work. Otherwise, when you feel no male enhancement, you need to keep the empty boxes of the ProEnhance package, call to the provider to schedule a refund, send the product back and get your refund in full excluding the shipping and handling expenses. Don’t worry as you will get every penny spent back.



You can be sure that you can achieve perfect results with the all-natural ProEnhance patch without using any medications, pills, pumps, traction devices, gels or ointments. Though I know that certain medicines are more efficient and show quicker results, I am sure that the patch can improve your male enhancement as it includes natural ingredients, has perfect user reviews, and, as the last but not the least, I have my own positive experience.


I would use the thousandth chance to recommend you six month supply of the ProEnhance System. Go to their website and customer reviews. Start solving your sexual dysfunction problems today and enjoy the best effects as long as you wish. 

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