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Androbath is a water-based penis pump that was developed to help men improve the health of their manhoods.






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Androbath has been replaced by Bathmate Hydromax on the market

Androbath is an old pump, which is not effective for penis enlargement. Bathmate Hydromax is a water pump that works and provides fast and guaranteed results. Enlarge your penis by 4 inches in 3 months.


You probably have heard more than once about miracle pumps, using which you can significantly increase the parameters of the penis. However, in practice, there are no more than five effective devices that not only stimulate the enlargement of the penis but also improve the quality of sex life. One such device can safely be referred to the Androbath(Bathmate) hydro pump, which works reliably with the help of pressure and warm water.


The Androbath(Bathmate) pump was developed by an Italian company that exists in the modern market for a fairly long period. This is a rather complicated device, which consists of a tube, an outlet water valve, a rubber gaiter for squeezing, and an additional internal chamber that is designed to provide safety and fixation of the penis.


Advantages of Using the Androbath(Bathmate) Water Pump

The use of the Androbath pump has some beneficial features, among which there are the most basic aspects:


  • Increasing the parameters of the genitals by several sizes. At the same time, this concerns not only the length but also the volume;
  • With regular use of the pump, there are significant improvements in the sex life and intimate capacities of the body;
  • As a rule, men develop self-esteem, which helps to move confidently through life;
  • Androbath(Bathmate) has an innovative design that is universal and does not have similar analogs;
  • The materials used by the manufacturer in the process of making the device are safe. This is medical raw materials that do not cause negative reactions in the body;
  • The exploitation is so simple and painless that many men can experience orgasms right at the time of using Androbath(Bathmate);
  • Due to the effect of water on the soft tissues of the penis, the cells stretch gently and elastically.


The Principle of the Androbath(Bathmate) Device


The beneficial effect of the Androbath(Bathmate) pump is due to the positive impact of warm water, which steams soft tissues, making them more flexible and ductile. Due to the force of pressure, blood circulation is activated, which circulates in the cavernous tissues of the penis, thereby stretching them.


The exploitation is quite simple. The man inserts the penis inside the working chamber, previously filling it with warm water. Rubber gaiters should fit tightly in the pubis, creating maximum tightness. Then pressing the gaiter to the pubis as much as possible, let it go for a while. Repeat the procedure according to the proposed steps within 3 minutes, then drain all water from the valve. During the pumping process, the water should regularly leave the top hole. After resting from the exercises for 60 seconds, repeat five more such reps. In total, for one session the user will have to spend no more than 15-20 minutes.


Why Should I Buy an Androbath?

It is an innovative and safe extender of 2017, which helped overcome a complex of sexual inferiority to millions of men around the world. Thanks to an additional internal safety valve, the maximum level of protection of the penis from damage and traumatic sprains are ensured.


How Long Will it Take to Get Positive Results?

An important issue that worries all modern men is the duration of the device's use until the moment when positive results are obtained. The manufacturer guarantees that the first favorable results of Androbath(Bathmate) exposure can be seen after 60 days of regular use. However, for those who want to look at the maximum boosting of the parameters of a penis, it is necessary to extend the course up to six months.


Warranty and Delivery

The guarantee of high quality, efficiency, and safety of the Androbath(Bathmate) water pump is confirmed by the long period of the manufacturer's existence on the market, as well as a lot of positive reviews from the satisfied users.


A man from any corner of our planet can become the owner of the device. Delivery of goods will be processed regardless of the country and region of residence of the customer. The terms of transportation directly depend on the courier-transport service chosen by the client.


Comparative Characteristics of the Product



 The main difference between the Androbath(Bathmate) pump and all existing analogs on the market is a special design. An additional internal valve ensures maximum safety during the use of the device. The affordable price is an important point of buying an Androbath hydro pump. While competitors spend their energy and finances on the promotion of the product, the Italian manufacturer invests money in the development of a safe and efficient device.


Certificates and medical advice

Androbath(Bathmate) has several dozen quality certificates, which once again prove the safety and effective impact of the pump on male sexual health. More details of all the accompanying documentation can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.


It is not recommended to use the Androbath(Bathmate) pump for young people under 18 years. After each session, the inner and outer valve should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and soap. Before using the device, it is necessary to steam the penis in warm water for 5-10 minutes. This will help to achieve the most beneficial final result.


Today it’s quite easy and painless to increase the parameters of the penis. The main thing is to find the right way to solve the problem. The Androbath(Bathmate) hydro pump is an effective and safe device that stimulates the enlargement of the penis, and also greatly improves the quality of sexual relations between a man and a woman.


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