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Bathmate Originals is a patented penis pump that can be used both in bath or shower. It is a best seller on the penis enhancement market.






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Bathmate Hydromax: Choose Your Hydro Pump

Bathmate Originals


Today, you can find a huge number of devices and tools, whose action is aimed at increasing the parameters of the penis. This is not surprising because every second man is not happy with his size of genitals. By this problem, sexual disorders, self-doubt, and even depression can arise. Therefore, if you belong to the category of men who consider their penis not big enough, then right now order the Bathmate Hydromax hydro pump.


Bathmate is a line of water pumps that have been on the market since 2006. Gradually, the manufacturer expanded its borders and the only thing that might surprise one is the diversity of the Bathmate Originals devices. Each user will be able to pick up his pump based on the individual parameters of the penis.


Why to use Bathmate Hydromax

Let's highlight some positive features that can be beneficial for operation and purchase of a hydro pump for penis enlargement:


  1. Simplicity and painlessness of use. Give only 20 minutes per day, and very soon it will be possible to achieve an unsurpassed result, which will be expressed in an increase in the parameters of the penis by more than 25 percent;
  2. The manufacturer uses only medical materials that are regularly tested for harmful components and substances. Thus, the customer receives a secure device;
  3. Efficiency and reliability of the tool have repeatedly been tested in clinical trials;
  4. In addition to increasing the parameters of the penis, the user gets a better sexual function, which is expressed in a powerful and prolonged erection, enhanced sexual desire;
  5. The cost of a hydro pump is a loyal and available to residents around the world.


How does Hydromax work?

The Principle of the Pump Work


The principle of Bathmate Hydromax is very similar to most analogs. You can use the pump, both in the bathroom and in the shower. The penis should be inserted into the tube before filling it with warm water. Rubber gaiters should fit tightly into the pubic bone, the chamber with the penis must be in horizontal plane adjacent.


When you squeeze the gaiter, a part of the water comes out of the flask, thereby forming a vacuum inside. Such an environment promotes the extending of cavernous tissues of the penis and activation of blood circulation. The whole effect of Bathmate Originals uses an artificially induced erection. The procedure lasts about 15-20 minutes, taking into account the following scheme: 3 minutes of impact with 60-second intervals for rest. During rest, it is necessary to loosen the upper valve to release the remaining water from the chamber.


Why Should I Buy a Bathmate Hydromax?

Many experts recommend stimulating the enlargement of the penis with the help of Bathmate water pump. This is an excellent alternative to expensive and long-acting extenders, which must be worn on the penis up to 8 hours a day. Because during the operation of the hydro device, there is water inside the chamber, the impact of vacuum and pressure on the penis is not as aggressive as in the case of a conventional air pump.


How Long Will it Take to Get Results from Bathmate Hydromax?

The duration of the hydro pump training course is at least six months. At the same time, the first positive changes can be seen after 60 days. An important role is played by human physiology. Therefore, to get the most positive and effective result, which will persist for many years, it is worth to prolong the course for 6-8 months.


Warranty and Delivery




Guarantee of high quality and safety of the device Bathmate is confirmed be the long-term experience of the manufacturer's presence in the international market. For many consumers, the main guarantee for the effectiveness of the installation is approved by positive user reviews, which can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.


Delivery of goods is carried out in any region of the world in the shortest period. The customer chooses for himself the most preferred courier and transportation service.


Comparison of the Main Features with Rival Products

The main distinctive feature of Bathmate Hydromax which makes a difference between similar products is the long-term existence of the device in the market. Many manufacturers, unlike Bathmate Originals, use poor-quality materials that irritate the dermis and negative health effects. Also, the price of the Bathmate Originals pump is available and loyal.


Certificates and Medical Advice

During the Aspen clinical trials, certificates of quality, safety, and compliance with the European standards were obtained. Bathmate is a patented product that continues to pursue the dreams of a happy sex life for many men around the world.


Before buying Hydromax, choose the device that best matches the parameters of your penis. This is the only way to achieve the most positive result.


That's enough to use ineffective means, which are unsafe due to their origin. Bathmate hydro pump will help in a relatively short time to increase the parameters of the penis and improve the quality of sex life.


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